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  • Hello!

    My name is Ms. Eskew, and I am excited to serve you as your student’s school counselor here at Fowler Drive. 


    A school counselor is a certified professional educator who serves all students to support wellness and academic achievement. Some of the things that I do here at Fowler Drive include:


    • Brief, solutions-focused individual counseling with students to address specific issues impacting their education

    • Small groups to provide support as well as teach new skills

    • Classroom lessons focused on social, emotional, career, and learning skill development

    • Referrals to clinical mental health counseling to address more long-term or complex issues

    • Working with families directly to assist with attendance, behavior, and resources to support student success

    • Serving as an advocate for students 


    I am a member of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and run a program aligned with the ASCA National Model, Student Standards, and ethical and professional standards. 


    My Mission Statement:

    The Fowler Drive Counseling Department supports student learning through the facilitation and creation of growth-fostering relationships that allow students to develop into strong communicators, empathetic neighbors, life - long learners and empowered community members.

    My Vision Statement:

    ALL students are equipped and empowered to achieve success and well-being in their academic, social/emotional, and career development. 

    ALL staff are supported in meeting complex student needs.

    ALL caregivers are heard and connected to the school in meaningful ways that support student learning and remove barriers to equitable education.