Welcome to Johnnie Lay Burks Elementary

  • Welcome to Johnnie Lay Burks Elementary School. We look forward to learning along with our students as the year progresses.

    We are committed to providing academic and social-emotional growth for each student at Johnnie Lay Burks Elementary School. Our goal is to create an environment in which students develop a love for learning. The dedicated staff here works hard to meet the individual needs of every student that comes through our doors.

    This growth is accomplished by working closely with families and hiring highly qualified teachers. Bilingual support staff, a strong Parent Teacher Organization, and open doors are all designed to help the faculty and staff work in partnership with parents. Additionally, the Johnnie Lay Burks Local School Governance Team helps to inform parents and the community about school-level practices. Through this partnership and information sharing, we are able to encourage a love of learning.

    To ensure that each child in the school grows while fostering a love of learning, teachers are equipped with quality materials and strong support. Two onsite instructional coaches help teachers develop lessons that actively engage students in the learning process. Johnnie Lay Burks Elementary School is supported by a full-time counselor, a mentoring program, and a tutoring program. These programs serve to assist students in not only meeting and exceeding standards but also building strong character.

    You are always welcome at Johnnie Lay Burks Elementary School.