Hilsman Middle School Students Recognized for Outstanding Energy Projects

Students at Hilsman Middle School spent most of their 2019-2020 school year engaged learning and teaching about science and the environment as part of teacher Audrey Hughes’ classroom and extracurricular programs. Throughout the year, students completed energy and environmental projects to recycle, practice conservation, teach others about energy, and consider a variety of pathways for energy and environmental careers. The capstone to their experience was to submit a project to the NEED Project Youth Awards for Energy Achievement with hopes of attending the 40th Annual NEED Youth Energy Conference and Awards in June 2020. Although the trip to Washington, DC, is postponed until June 2021, a virtual ceremony was held on June 29, 2020, for award-winning students, teachers, and families.
Congratulations to team sponsors Ani Fischer and Audrey Hughes, and the following students:
  1. Michael Brittian
  2. Wendy Flores
  3. Silas Gay
  4. Adrianna Gonzalez
  5. Delysia Griffith
  6. Finn McGreevy
  7. Lilly McGreevy
  8. Izzy Morgan
  9. Aissatou Sarr
  10. Avery Shaw
  11. Chloe Smith
  12. Tathiana Talley

Hilsman Middle School Students Students Recognized for Outstanding Energy Projects