See below for Digital/Distance Learning Information for the Athens Community Career Academy (ACCA):


For our ACCA students taking high school level courses, their assignments in Google Classroom are considered “classwork” and will be reflected accordingly in the student’s final grade. Students will have 5 school days to turn in all digital/distance learning assignments following their return to school.  Teachers will be accessible to students and staff via email between the hours of 9 a.m. - 1 p.m to answer questions and help with assignments. 

If you would like to be added as a “student” in your child’s Google Classroom, please use the Google Classroom code below to join the class.  You will be able to see the content posted by the teacher, but not specific information about your student.  

If you would like to request to be added as a parent/guardian in order to receive Daily Summary emails from Google Classroom regarding your student’s work, please fill out this Google Form to make this request:

When a guardian accepts an invitation from a teacher, they get regular emails about their student’s work and classes. These emails, known as guardian email summaries, include information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity. Your student’s teacher or the school administrator sends you the email invitation. After you accept the invitation, you get regular email summaries of your student’s work.

Parents/Guardians - Not sure how to navigate Google Classroom?  Here's a guide to assist you and your student:


High School Class / Course at ACCA

Google Classroom Code

High School Teacher’s Name

High School Teacher Email Address

Advanced U.S. History (1st Period)


Halo Smart

Advanced World History (2nd Period)


Halo Smart

11th Grade American Lit (1st Period)


Jennifer Whitley

Link to Mrs. Whitley’s Google website:

10th Grade World Lit (2nd Period)


Jennifer Whitley

Link to Mrs. Whitley’s Google website:

Advanced Algebra (2nd Period)


Julie Fiamingo

Essentials of Healthcare (1st Period)


Catherine Douylliez

Intro to Healthcare Science (2nd Period)


Catherine Douylliez

Intro to Culinary (1st Period)


Emmanuel Stone

Culinary 1 (2nd Period)


Emmanuel Stone

Audio Video Tech & Film (2nd Period)


Michael Bosby


COLLEGE LEVEL COURSES (Athens Technical College):

For our ACCA students enrolled in college level courses, Athens Technical College Instructors are posting online instruction for their students in the Blackboard platform.  Students should complete instruction through Blackboard. Students should be regularly (at least daily) checking their Blackboard account for assignments from their college instructors as well as their Athens Tech email account for potential emails from their college instructors.   

As a reminder, if their Blackboard email has expired, they will need to reset the password in their email account in order for it to update in their Blackboard account.  Their Athens Tech email passwords expires every 42 days. If students have any problems accessing Blackboard they can use the following link to submit a help request:

Students should try to email their Athens Technical College Instructor if they have questions about their assignments, but they may also contact the following Career Academy staff members if they need assistance with an Athens Technical College Class or Blackboard.

Beth Holliday, ACCA Secretary,

Laura Hyer, ACCA School Counselor,

Our English and Math tutors are still working to help support our students! Students please check your CCSD email account for an email from our counselor, Mrs. Hyer, in order to access this amazing resource!