Freshman Academy

  • The Freshman Academy, designed to help transition incoming freshmen into high school, is comprised of a team of teachers, an administrator, and security officer committed to creating an environment where all students are supported academically, socially and emotionally. It is located in its own area of campus which further assists with the transition process by providing a smaller environment, reducing the number of distractions in between classes and allowing close proximity of teachers which facilitates communication. The majority of 9th grade core classes are held in the Freshmen Academy. Other classes are scattered throughout campus which gives freshmen opportunity to interact with upper classmen. Incentives and recognition programs unique to the Freshman Academy include Student of the Month, Top Gladiator, quarterly Perfect Attendance and Honor Roll.

    The main goal of the Freshman Academy is to ensure a successful 9th grade year for all students.

    Ways to help your child

    • Be involved - attend Open House, PTSO meetings, activities/events, volunteer
    • Communicate with teachers
    • Encourage good study habits
    • Monitor your child’s academic progress (Parent Portal)


    Freshman Academy Website:

    Freshman Academy Booklet (link)