Drama Club

  • Our mission is to provide exceptional family entertainment while striving to foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts and acknowledge the educational power of theatre.

    As a result of their affiliation students will:

    • make and honor commitments
    • follow stage direction
    • develop self-assurance    
    • use critical thinking skills
    • develop independence & responsibility       
    • learn vocal production skills
    • learn & perform choreography       
    • experience singing in a group
    • enhance fluency & expressive skills    
    • work cooperatively toward a  goal
    • develop a sense of pride                 
    • work hard & have fun

    And you thought we were just putting on a play…


    Everyone is welcome whether you have been in Theatre all of your life or you just want to find out more.

    Meetings will be held on the last Friday of each month.  Contact the sponsors for more information.



    Kayla Griffin - griffink2@clarke.k12.ga.us

    Stephen Hardwick - hardwicks@clarke.k12.ga.us