Black Culture Club

  • The Black Culture Club's goals are to encourage, promote, and teach black culture, prepare students for SAT and ACT tests, and conduct community outreach and service projects.  

    Encourage/Promote/Teach Black Culture: This is the core of the club. We want students to feel proud to be black, which, unfortunately, a lot of them don't. We want to teach them the history of Black culture on many different levels. We want to showcase the beauty of the Black culture, all the time, not just during Black History Month. But, this also means that we need to discuss the unhappier parts of the Black culture. There are a lot of issues that Black individuals face in America that students may or may not have the proper outlet to discuss. We want to give them that outlet. In this club, being black wouldn't be something to hide, be ashamed of, or feel oppressed by. It is something to be highlighted, proud of and celebrated.

    Test Prep: Preparation for the SAT and ACT can be costly, and a lot of students realize this. While the school already does a good bit to help students prepare for the SAT and ACT, students need the help a lot more frequently. We would offer that. Plus, being around people who look like them and can relate to them, which we believe contributes a lot to a student's ability to learn. We know people who would be willing to tutor students and help alleviate the anxiety that comes with affording and doing test prep.

    Community Outreach and Service: We have many connections to presidents of other CCHS clubs, community members/organizations and we think that joining forces with them would benefit more of the student body. For example, last year we join forces with Women in STEM to hold a Hidden Figures Movie Night and discussed what intersectionality means. In Black Culture Club, we think that kids should know the issues that affect them and those around them as well as take initiatives to help.


    Monthly meeting schedule:

    Week 1: Game Day (Black Jeopardy, Black Wheel of Fortune, Black Trivia etc)

    Week 2: Media Day (Watch movie clips, media clips, internet clips with healthy discussions)

    Week 3:  Speaker Day (Speakers from the community)

    Week 4:  Goal/College/Career Day


    Meetings are held every Tuesday from 3:45 to 4:45 in room 219.