• Ceramics Club


    Starting in the Spring semester, CCHS will be having a weekly Ceramics Club. This club will be opened to students who have successfully completed Sculpture 1. If you are interested in joining this club, please email Mrs. Garland @ garlandh@clarke.k12.ga.us. If you have not taken Sculpture 1, but have previous hand-building or sculpture experience, please inquire about the club with Mrs. Garland.
    The goal of Ceramics Club is to provide students with the foundations of clay hand-building and design techniques to create original 3-dimensional artworks as an extension of the Sculpture curriculum. Ceramics Club will build on the talents and skills of students in regards to creative expression in a supportive artistic community. Meetings during the pandemic will be conducted on Zoom. Ceramics Club students will also have the opportunity to use their artistic and leadership skills through outreach and volunteering events.
    If you are interested, please fell out this form: https://bit.ly/ceramicsclub
    Heather Garland - garlandh@clarke.k12.ga.us