• Students need to earn 24 credits to graduate from Clarke Central High School. To become a junior, they must earn at least 11 units of credit (6 of the 11 must be in core courses). Please click on links below to access information presented to sophomores during the spring semester advisement lessons.

    Sophomore Year Presentation Video

    Sophomore Year Presentation Slideshow

    Graduation Requirement Checklist



    Sophomores should work with their advisors, parents, teachers, and counselors and follow the suggestions below for a successful sophomore year:

    • Take challenging classes like Advanced and AP courses.
    • Study hard and get high grades.
    • Continue working with your advisor to develop your 4-year plan for graduation.
    • All sophomores will take the PSAT for free in October.  The PSAT is a practice college entrance exam that provides personalized feedback to help you better prepare for the SAT that you will need to take during junior/senior year.
    • You will take the End of Course test this year in Geometry.
    • Excellent attendance is a must!
    • Build a support team: parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, and advisors.
    • Take advantage of help available: communicate with your teachers, attend after-school tutoring (even if it's not required!).
    • Get involved-- join sports, clubs, and do community service
    • READ! Read as much as possible in your spare time: magazines, newspapers, novels, etc.
    • Begin to think about your own abilities, interests, and values.
    • Make an appointment to meet and get to know your counselor.
    • DON'T LET YOU FRIENDS BRING YOU DOWN! Avoid the temptation to leave academics behind. We want to see you graduate in 3 years!

    Plan for College using Big Future by the College Board!

    Volunteer Opportunities through the Athens Clarke County Unified Government.