Back to School Update - 7.7.20

Carta del Cuerpo Especial sobre la Reapertura Escolar

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we prepare for the Fall 2020 school year. We received over six thousand electronic and printed surveys that helped us prepare several instructional options for the upcoming school year. A link to survey results is provided below.

The Clarke County School District is excited to announce school will tentatively begin on Monday, August 3, 2020, with options for in-person and distance/digital learning models for students. We acknowledge that our start date may need to be adjusted as we continue to examine the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Athens and the surrounding area.

  1. Please read the back to school update letter (dated 7.7.20).
  2. Please complete the survey to select the instruction model and transportation preference for your student(s).

Parent/Staff Survey Results

Thank you to the parents and staff who took the time to respond to our initial “Return to School” survey, which helped guide our decisions for returning back to school. We are continuing to develop protocols and procedures to ensure a safe return to school for both staff and students. 

Parent Survey Summary 

Parents were surveyed on a number of topics, including the likelihood they would send their student back to school for in-person Fall learning, and their thoughts about the importance of health guidelines. We had approximately 6,012 electronic and printed responses. 

Summary - Fall Reopening Planning

  • Less than 30% of parents said they were comfortable with sending their children back on August 3 if no changes are made.
  • Just over 40% of parents said they were comfortable with sending their children back after Labor Day if not changes are made.
  • Just over 60% of parents said they were comfortable with sending their children back if reduced class sizes were enacted.
  • 57% of parents want to start on August 3rd with digital/distance learning rather than postpone the school start date.
  • If we do postpone the start of school, 57% of parents would prefer to shorten breaks, so the school year does not continue into June 2021.

Summary - Transportation & Instruction 

  • Nearly 80% of parents indicated that they would be able to provide transportation to school in lieu of busing.
  • 73% of parents indicated that they had consistent and reliable child care in the event of future school closures.
  • Over 80% of parents indicated that they had personal devices at home for student use.
  • Only 40% of parents preferred printable packets

Staff Survey Summary  

Our staff was surveyed on a variety of topics, including their concerns about returning to work, and the health guidelines most important to them. We had approximately 1,416 responses from staff. 

  • 76.7% of staff said they will be able to return to work if social distancing and other precautions are still in place due to Covid-19
  • 11.7% of teachers were not interested in teaching virtually 
  • 13.5% of teachers would be interested in teaching virtually if it was an option 
  • 28.2% of teachers may be interested in teaching virtually if they had more information
  • 12.7% of teachers would be very interested in teaching virtually

Survey Results


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