Sustainability Committee

  • Sustainability Committee February 2024The CCSD Sustainability Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Board of Education formed in fall 2023. The committee consists of 30 members and will meet once a month during 2024. The purpose of the committee is to develop a district plan to minimize our risk and maximize opportunities for our students related to climate resilience. Members include teachers, district staff, students, and community stakeholders. The committee also includes five subcommittees in the areas of HVAC, energy, transportation, green infrastructure, and extramural funding and cost-sharing. 

    The committee co-chairs will present quarterly written or oral reports to the Board of Education with majority and minority opinions welcomed. The committee efforts will proceed for one year, with a final report due in January 2025. The option to renew committee work for another year will be assessed by the Board of Education following a review of the first-year report.

    2024 Meeting Dates 

    All meetings are open to the public and will be held in Room 303 at the District Office, 595 Prince Ave., Athens. Meetings begin at 4:30 p.m.

    Committee Membership

    Board of Education

    • Dr. Patricia Yager
    • Tim Denson
    • Nicole Hull

    CCSD Staff

    • Garrick Askew, Assistant Superintendent of Operations
    • Mark Bailey, Director of Plant Services
    • John Gilbreath, Director of Facility Construction and Management
    • Troy Bassett, SPLOST Project Manager
    • Shurod Swift, Director of Transportation
    • Paula Farmer, Executive Director of School Nutrition
    • Dr. Donna Elder, Executive Director of Federal Programs

    CCSD Teachers and School-level Staff

    • Audrey Hughes, Clarke Middle School
    • Montu Miller, Cedar Shoals High School
    • Christina Hylton, Athens Community Career Academy
    • Halo Smart, Athens Community Career Academy

    CCSD Students

    • Kyah Campbell, Clarke Middle School
    • Tommy Nix, Clarke Middle School
    • Arrow Callahan, Clarke Middle School
    • Kelli Floyd, Clarke Central High School
    • Hiram Floyd, Clarke Central High School
    • Tylasha Mumford, Clarke Central High School
    • Zebulon Santos, Cedar Shoals High School
    • A'maya Goss, Cedar Shoals High School

    Other Members

    • Mike Wharton, Sustainability Officer, Athens-Clarke County Unified Government
    • Kevin Kirsche, Director of Sustainability, University of Georgia
    • Justin Ellis, Sustainability Program Manager, University of Georgia
    • Alfie Vick, University of Georgia College of Environment and Design
    • Erwin Greene, SPLOST Community Oversight Committee
    • Tawana Mattox, community member
    • Cary Ritzler, community member
    • Ramsey Nix, community member