Special Meal Accommodations

  • Special Meal Accommodations for Students WITH Disabilities

    • Clarke County School Nutrition Program is required to offer special meals to students whose disability restricts their diet as defined in USDA's nondiscrimination regulations, 7 CFR, Part 15b.
    • A child with a disability must be provided substitutions of special foods, including special supplements, when a statement signed by a "recognized medical authority" (licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) supports that need.  Our "Medical Statement to Request Special Meals" form must be signed by a recognized medical authority.  The Medical Statement form is available below:
    • The completion of the Medical Statement is required to ensure that the modified meal is reimbursable and to ensure that any meal modifications meet nutrition standards that are medically appropriate for the child.
    • Medical Statements are in effect until the condition changes or the student leaves the school district.  If a condition changes, then a revised Medical Statement form signed by a recognized medical authority must be submitted.
  • Special Meal Accommodations for Students WITHOUT Disabilities

    • Clarke County School Nutrition Program may make reasonable accommodations for students who are not disabled, but who are unable to consume a food item because of medical or other special dietary needs.  Such determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis when supported by a statement (using the Medical Statement form) signed by a recognized medical authority (licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner).  This provision covers those students who have allergies or intolerances but do not have life-threatening or anaphylactic reactions.
    • Our program chooses to provide lactose-free (cow's) milk to students who have lactose intolerance.  If you would like for us to provide this option to your student, then please submit the "Fluid Milk Substitution" form to your school.  This form only requires a parent's signature.  
      • Fluid Milk Substitution Form - English 
      • Fluid Milk Substitution Form - Spanish
    • Remember, milk is one choice at both breakfast and lunch, so students who don't drink milk for various reasons can always decline this item and select juice or water to have with their meal.

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians

  • Parents/Guardians must provide a completed Medical Statement form that includes the following:

    • The student's disability or medical condition
    • The diet prescription and/or accommodation, including texture modifications and adaptive equipment, if needed.
    • The food(s) to be omitted and the suggested substitutions
    • Signature of appropriate medical authority and date


    To ensure accurate meal service, parents are requested to:

    • Communicate the student's special dietary needs to school staff when the student transfers or promotes to a different school or district.
    • Introduce the student to the school nutrition manager and identify which meals will be eaten at school (breakfast, lunch, after-school snack).
    • Communicate any dietary change as prescribed by the medical authority.
    • Notify teachers, principals, and/or after-school activity sponsors of your child's allergy/disability.

  • Clarke County School Nutrition does not make meal accommodations based on personal preference or religious convictions.  It is our goal to offer enough variety in the planned menu that our students have ample choices, which not only allow them to select a balanced meal but also one that fits within their personal preferences.