Students eat for free, why don't teachers eat for free?

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We understand that it is hard for everyone right now, and it would be wonderful if we could provide meals for our teachers and staff at no cost. Unfortunately, that is not possible.  Our program is a federally-funded child nutrition program, and we only receive reimbursement for meals served to students (children).  However, we strive to keep the cost of our adult meals low.  Where else in town can you eat lunch for $4.50 and breakfast for $2.50?

At Chik-Fil-A, a chicken sandwich for lunch costs $4.95, and a chicken biscuit meal for breakfast costs $6.89.

At McDonalds, a McCrispy meal for lunch costs at least $11.69, and a sausage egg biscuit for breakfast costs $5.36.

At Wendy's, a Dave's single for lunch costs $5.49, and if you turn it into a combo meal, the price becomes $9.09.

A quick search of popular fast food chains confirms that we are the BEST DEAL IN TOWN!