School Psychology

  • Our mission is to be a force for positive change by advocating for children, influencing educational, school district, and community policy, and providing a full range of mental health and educational services. We will accomplish this through leadership, program planning, consultation, prevention, counseling, assessment, classroom management, therapy, intervention, training, continuing education, and collaboration with family, community, and school resources. Our focus is on prevention, support, problem-solving, and providing both direct and indirect services.

    What is a School Psychologist?

    School psychologists are professionals trained in education, mental health, child development, and learning theory. They work directly with students, teachers, and parents. In Clarke County, the school psychology department provides services within a consultative framework. These services may include:

    • Working as part of a Student Support Team
    • Individual consultation with parents, teachers, or community agencies
    • Psychological evaluations
    • Individual and group intervention
    • Assisting with Functional Behavioral Analysis (FBA) and developing Behavior Intervention Plans
    • Providing education and resources to staff and parents

Department Staff

  • Dr. Anna Morgan - Director of School Psychology / Section 504 Coordinator

  • Sylvia Aldaba - Bilingual Specialist

  • Mary Barnett - School Psychologist

  • Benjamin Bullock - School Psychologist

  • Seabon Davis - School Psychologist

  • Lisa Devaney - School Psychologist

  • Treva Hunt-Clarke - School Psychologist

  • Marcia Jones - School Psychologist

  • Hannah Nelson - School Psychologist

  • Marcia Page - School Psychologist

  • Richard Page - School Psychologist

  • Janine Sheedy - School Psychologist

  • Anna
    Director of School Psychology / Section 504 Coordinator
    Dr. Anna Morgan
    706-546-7721, ext. 79603