• As a response to GA House Bill SB8 and O.C.G.A 20-2-774, there have been some changes to our school district's policy on students who carry an EpiPen or asthma inhaler with them at school. Georgia law states that students may possess and self-administer these emergency medications while at school. According to CCSD Board Policy JGCD, we are now required to have your signature giving your permission for your child to carry the EpiPen or inhaler with them, your child's signature stating that they understand how to self administer their medication, and your healthcare professional's signature stating that your child is capable of carrying and self-administering the medication. In addition, your child will be required to demonstrate the proper use of the inhaler or EpiPen for the nurse.

    In our elementary and middle schools, most EpiPens and inhalers are kept in a designated place at school that is always accessible. If you feel that your child needs to carry the medication with them, please notify your school nurse so that we can have you complete the proper form and ensure your child's safety.