• Q: What is the ESOL/EL Program? 
    A: The ESOL Program is offered to all English Learners who meet the eligibility criteria. This program aids in the success of an English Learner in an English-speaking classroom. The school district's goal is to have students succeed in the four language domains (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). 

    Q: Who is an English Learner?
    A: An English Learner (EL) is a student whose native/first/dominant language is not English and who is eligible for services.

    Q: How are English Learners identified?
    A: Step 1: The Home Language Survey, which is embedded in the registration form, is completed for every student when initially registering in the Clarke County School District. This determines if there is an influence of a language other than English. This survey contains three questions and will identify any languages other than English that are:

    • First learned or acquired by the student
    • Used by the student in the home
    • Most often spoken in the student's home

    A: Step 2: CCSD uses the state-adopted screener, the WIDA Kindergarten Screener or WIDA Screener, to determine if students are considered English Learners and eligible for ESOL services.