Students of Promise

  • The goal of the Students of Promise program is to identify potentially gifted students (Kindergarten-2nd grade) from under-represented populations and provide them with enrichment activities.

    Screening is conducted each year. Eligibility for participation in the program is determined by the Clarke County School District program guidelines. Under these guidelines, students are evaluated in multiple areas determining the potential for high achievement, creativity, and motivation.

    Students selected for the program are served for two consecutive years. During those two years, students are served using the resource model during the school day by a gifted endorsed teacher. Additionally, they may receive Creative Problem-Solving training one day a week, either during the school day or after school.

    Students must be from an under-represented group, have a family that agrees to participate and provide adult support, in addition to meeting two of the criteria listed below:

    • Classroom teacher ratings on Gifted Characteristics Checklist
    • Qualifies in at least one area from previous gifted testing
    • Has a ranking of 2.5 or higher on local screening instruments

    Approximately 50% of the students that have completed the program qualify for the Gifted Program. 

    There are four major components for the program:

    • Building Background Knowledge - Academic
    • Teaching Creativity - Creative/Future Problem Solving
    • Teaching Self-Efficacy - Personal Growth
    • Family Engagement