The Office of Teaching and Learning

  • The Office of Teaching and Learning provides system-level planning, development, review, and revision of the K-12 curriculum in all content areas. This office is also responsible for leading committees in the selection of instructional materials and resources that support the implementation of the district's curriculum. In addition, members of the Office of Teaching and Learning provide support to school administrators, department chairs, instructional coaches, and teachers on the effective implementation of the district curriculum.

    Executive Director of Leadership Development/Elementary
    Dr. Jennifer Scott (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20788

    Executive Director of Leadership Development/Secondary
    Dr. Neil Crosslin (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20702

    Executive Director of Leadership Development
    Dr. Rachel Williams (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20718

    Executive Coordinator of Professional Learning
    Dr. Amy Peacock (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20732

    Coordinator of Curriculum & School Performance
    Rebecca Lichliter (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20782

    Budget Assistant
    Sharon Bates (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20732

    Curriculum Coordinators

    English/Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator
    Carlyn Bland (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20737

    ELA Specialists
    Em Headley (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20757

    Tonia Paramore(
    706-546-7721, ext. 20720

    Math Curriculum Coordinator
    Desylin Culliver (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20738 

    Science Curriculum Coordinator
    Seri Beall (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20723

    Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator
    Ben Smalley (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20791

    Related Arts Curriculum Coordinator
    Dan Smith (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20734

    Gifted Curriculum Coordinator
    Jennifer Bogdanich (
    706-546-7721, ext. 20724